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Boot Ties Anonymous
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Friday, August 11th, 2006
4:16 am
okay well yeah
wow dead journal. yeah i don't have words for the trust you don't have in me. like i would let this come between us. i have waited so long for you to be happy...do you think i would walk away from you now becuz of this if it makes you happy? but that's fine keep me an arm's length away. and you wonder why i have always doubted you becuz you've never given me a chance to show you {prove to you} otherwise. it's wasted but it's a'ight i couldn't change how i feel if i wanted to [and i don't want to].
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
1:00 pm
I am job
Well long time since update. But I suppose I should since Busy Season is long over...Financial statements have been filed...Tax day came and went... and Now we're back to forty hour weeks. It's strange to get home at 4 or 4:30 and not know what to do with ourselves. Pretty soon I'll go to "1 Busy Season Training" and graduate to Second Year status! Yeah thrills of a lifetime. My clients aren't too bad. Mostly in the Cities area so luckily I don't have trips to Montana and the Dakotas.
The work itself isn't too awful and my co-workers can be pretty lively. Sure you're thinking "Accountants = lively? Whatever" but really when you spend your days confirming balances with third parties and recalculating debt instruments to make sure they are in compliance with agreed upon covenants- you'd be surprised at how much you'd want four drinks after work. Add that to when you're at an out of town client kicking back at some townie bar and let's face it you've had a wee bit too much to drink suddenly you've forgotten about your spouse and 2-4 offspring back home becuz that redhead is starting to look good to you. Whether or not that redhead is a townie or your client or your co-worker doesn't seem to matter to you and it'll bring equal amounts of awkwardness the next morning anyway. Yeah tis the life of an auditor or so I've seen.

Current Mood: working
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
6:16 am
i am poison crazy lush
So it's one year today.. well take out the seven weeks I was in HK and basically subtract the Spring semester 'cept the wkends I was in EC- so really it's only been like seven months. ah well I get to enjoy the perks of the so-called One Year anyway today. yes good times were had by all. i can buy that OTHER Hallmark card now. okay don't get mushy.

anyway i still dig Michael Vartan and O Bloom {even w/ dark hair and SIN bow&arrow} too.

Current Mood: surprised
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
9:30 pm
Thanks 9. 158g 144a don't do you justice
Okay this week I'm at this mortgage place where I actually get to listen to my headphones at work! I have to be careful though cuz I can't listen to anything potentially offensive too loudly but if I listen to anything soothing it makes me want to fall asleep. Anyway y-day I was able to listen to Radio Marca to hear Real Madrid's muy muy importante match @ Roma in a deciding Champions League match. It's sweet all of a sudden you'd hear
Or there'd be an Oreja commercial during the game breaks and I'd get all happy.
Course Real won 3-0 and good times were had by all. Hmm for more total happiness see the link to today's Marca.


Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
12:00 pm
first my plane took off and landed fine on tdbtdb Halloween 2004
and now this.

D'Oh. My streak continues. I'm officially O-for-4 voting.
and I didn't even feel comfortable voting for JFK in the first place but now I feel like ugh. and at work I'm surrounded by Dakotans Iowans and peops that have like 12 Bush/Cheney signs on their front lawns.

well at least I plugged the vote.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, October 28th, 2004
5:19 pm
Applaud friends, the comedy is over.
Ah those last words of Beethoven will always endear him to me. I mean that's the explanation I gave my teach for picking LVB as my speech topic in ninth. Yep I have my reasons.

Anyway seeing as tomorrow is the day before the day before Halloween 2004 I guess it's time to confess all my secrets...riiight. That is if I had secrets or a story of a life to tell...then yeah it wouldn't be a heart2wall for the other person involved.
Anyway you might think- "Okay Melody/freak this lifeline you made in Casey's class is crap and it had no bearing on the future and you aint never gonna go down the inflated plane slide least of all on tdbtdb Halloween 2004 seeing as how you've been on 56 flights in the last 22 months all of which have landed safely and you flew last year on tdbtdb Halloween and you made it alive as well and so yeah you're going to live to see the 44th president sworn in whether it be the upcoming Jan or in 2m9 or assassination of W."
And well all of that is true- but it could happen. Why not? This would be exactly the right moment- w/ the total lunar eclipse last night and the Red Sox coming back 0-3 deficit to NYY and then the World Series sweep...seriously no but seriously if the Red Sox can do that despite "winning" the Whose Curse is Worse? trial over the Cubs 11-1 by espn jury then yeah I think it's not too much to ask for and expect a plane slide on tdbtdb.

Feliz Muerte!

Current Mood: working
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
4:39 pm
HOB Chicago: La Oreja de Van Gogh- Oct 20th
Hmm let’s recap the last 34 hours:
Wed 6:30 wake-up
Wed 7:15 drive to client at Minnetonka
Wed 7:30-12:00 attempt to do work but too excited about seeing Oreja later
Note- sometime during this period I end up talking to higher up about my unbeknownst to him fake dental procedure later that afternoon which is the excuse I used to get the afternoon off of work
Wed 12:00 start driving to Mad from west of MPLS
Wed 12:30 stop in White Bear Lake Ave I-94 exit#245 becuz gas is cheap in MN {only 1.889/gal!}
Wed 13:20 ended up behind white WI Pontiac driving like a maniac…yay I have someone to go 80 with
Wed 16:01 arrive in Mad on Beltline on way to Precious’ casa
Wed 16:24 arrive @ casa de Precious. No sign of Precious Homewrecker or The
Wed 17:00 leave Mad on our way to chica {now Precious is driving and I’m making LODVG signs}
Wed 18:50 pass new root of all evil things to come Wonder Bread truck
Wed 19:06 traffic jam on the way INTO Chica on a Wed night…why aren’t these peops in church?
Wed 19:59 arrive @ HOB Chica one minute before “music at 8” starts but just wait there’s a huge line
Wed 20:49 after waiting in line outside HOB behind in the middle of and in front of hundreds of Hispanics we get inside and thankfully Oreja hasn’t started yet but probably becuz 1/3 of audience is still outside
Wed 21:11 LA OREJA DE VAN GOGH starts playing…first song- 20 de enero
Wed 22:40ish the great gira is over…(tear) but it was awesome even w/o Tic Tac
Wed 23:16 get back on Kennedy Expressway bk to Mad
Thur 1:36 arrive in Mad bk @ la casa de Precious
Thur 2:04 The and I sitting in coche waiting as huge long train passes in front of us on Johnson St.
Thur 2:17 finally exit Mad
Thur 4:55 arrive @ The casa in EC to drop The off and get help to drive to MPLS
Thur 6:28 arrive @ mi piso in MPLS after someone drives me through 6am rush hour MSP traffic
Thur 7:15 drive to client at Minnetonka
Thur 7:30–present @ work
Future: leaving w/in the next hour
-> then finally getting some sleep
-> driving down to Mad again tomorrow night. {which means even if I wash it again my windshield will be covered w/ bugs}

So basically I’ve personally driven 750 miles and not slept since y-day morning. And today I kinda nodded in and out during work and also on the drive here. Ah well. I thought after college I’d be done w/ those all-nighters but some things like getting the opportunity to actually see the ear of Van Gogh are worth it.

No tengo más abrigo
que los años contigo.
Me llevo tu paz...

Current Mood: tired
Friday, October 15th, 2004
5:15 pm
Emptiness is loneliness&loneliness is cleanliness&cleanliness is godliness&god is empty just like me
Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness...

Hmm I recall when Evanescence covered this song that supposedly defines me at the Alliant show in Feb. Hmm that was after I hadn’t slept all night and tried to carry $5000 in cash/coins to First Federal from the Union.

Anyway it's all appropriate cuz Yup it’s Midnight Madness tonight. Exciting much!
Note to the world- becuz I hear this bullshit claim a lot from UW peops- sharing a big ten title with several other teams does NOT equal a conference championship. Yeah exactly. Also regular season titles that are determined by league standings are not the real conference championship- that is actually won BY ONE TEAM ONLY by playing and winning multiple successive games in a one-and-done format in a conference tourney at the end of the conference season which way bk in the day used to be the only way a team could advance to the Big Dance so even if you went undefeated all year and lost in conference semi's you were out and no Final Four for you that year. {Not like UW ever went through this scenario but other more distinguished teams have suffered this fate.} Hmm seeing those lame banners which are very paltry in number in the Kohl Center and realizing UW went forty-some years w/o advancing to the NCAA Tournament makes me laugh evilly inside.

FYI- change in plane plans. I’m not going to Cleveland no more. But have no fear I will still have my inflated plane slide op on the day before the day before Halloween. Only this time I’m going to/from ‘troit! The tix were charged to our client y-day so it's official! It’s all good cuz I get to fly out through Mad and the firm is paying me $$ for what I ended up saving the client by getting tix from Mad ‘stead of MSP. How sweet it is!

Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
9:57 pm
Michael Vartan you're still a winner to me!
Yeah I came home an hour ago turned on the TV and by some measure of fate Mr. Vartan was on Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo! He and Matthew Perry were the last two at the table and of course the winner goes to the Finals which would mean of course another spectacular two hours w/ MV some time later this TV season. But no- Perry's two cowboys overpowered MV's straight draw. Yes I have never wanted a King or 8 to be dealt next so badly in my life EVER.
Hmm not even that one time in HS {High Stakes not HS in this case} that guy at third base stupidly hit his hard fifteen against the dealer's 4 {why would you ever do that? the dealer's supposed to bust idiot! why are you in HS anyway? obviously you're not smart enough to play w/ the so-called big boys...} and lost me $60 for a $180 reversal of fate when I would've won $120 on my smart double down. I hate that guy. To him I would say..."if I were ever to pass you in this life again, and you were laying there, dying of thirst, I would not give you a drink of water. I'd just let the vultures take you, and do whatever they want with you, with no ill regrets."**

** (c) my fellow WIite

Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, October 7th, 2004
7:14 pm
a thousand lamps won't lift the dark
Hmm I've decided to devote all future posts {or just this one} to two completely unrelated topics that should never share the same page.

1) Debates- There have only been two so far but I've been watching 'em. Although I've know which candidate I'll vote for when it really comes down to it which I have pretty much known since Feb 12- I'm still waiting to see some defining moment to confirm my decision for the farmer party candidate.
Sidenote: It's funny how we've hidden Cheney so much in the past 4 yrs that as I watched the VP debate I find myself looking at Cheney trying to figure out why he doesn't look familiar like at all.
Wow how huge will the tri-state area {unofficially MN WI IA but depending on your perspective could also be MN ND SD or to a slightly lesser extent WI MI IL but for this stmt: MN WI IA} be in the upcoming decision '04. Sure Gore won the 3 last time but it's getting tiiight. riiight@gmail.com!

2) Days of Our Lives- So obviously I don't exactly have the time/patience to watch one/any soaps but sometimes while flipping channels I see it on. Two things- first there's something about this new Belle actress Idk maybe her face/head that just irks me. I want to off her. Secondly not like my nonsoap watcher contribution means anything but if they put Bo and Billie together then that's it. the end. DOOL will be dead to me.

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
11:30 am
Buena suerte en tu camino yo ya tengo mi destino, con mi sangre escribo este final.
So the countdown has commenced. Twenty days till Oreja. Twenty-nine till my inflated plane slide dream becomes a reality. I'm supposed to be flying bk from Cleveland on the day before the day before Halloween just like my Lifeline so prophetically declared {well almost exactly- there was no mention of this Clevelandage} during the last year of the so NOT greatest 4 years of my life {=HS supposedly}. And so it begins. Chevelle was last night. Skywynd on Sunday. Oreja {and my fake ninety minute dental procedure} on the 20th. Yup it's all falling into place. Hmm I need to update my will. Who wants life-size Legolas?

Apparently wherever I live I am doomed to be within walking distance of a Walgreens {but not a Walway© branch} that's not open 24hrs even though it would seem most appropriate given its location i.e. State Street in Mad or Nicollet Mall in d/t MPLS. Y-day after work I went into the one on Nicollet and after five minutes of perusing the candy aisle for legal uppers to keep me awake during my long 9+ hours a day sin O.T.- an employee kindly approached me and told me they were closing. I looked at my watch to see if somehow I had lost track of time for like four hours but no my watch could only verify the time that I feared: 6pm on a Wednesday workday. No but seriously what is the world coming to? Well if not for the fall from grace in late october- I'd probably have to move to Canada too along w/ the masses that claimed they were going to do so in 2000.

Nothing else to report. Tomorrow's Friday so the jeans to anyOtherPants ratio on Nicollet will probably be 15:1 not that it matters becuz the firm has instated a "no jeans by all means" rule {note: this is not the actual slogan but I just realized how cool it is that that rhymes} even on casual friday. Well good thing I already have a billion black-related clothing.

R.I.P. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. d.a.b.d.a.

Current Mood: working
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
9:24 am
while I'm quietly listening to Chevelle which should never be listened to @ a low volume I'm gonna recap da past 2 wks-
So hmm first wk @ work: local training in MPLS. 37 classrm hrs in 4 days.
Second wk @ work: "national" training in Chica. 50.75 classrm hrs in 5 days.

Anyway national training wasn't so bad I met some decent peops from NY tri-state Boston 'troit Dallas and Chica. It's kinda sad cuz yeah when I was choosing it was inbetween the Chica or MPLS office. And yeah I choose MPLS cuz 1st and foremost I hate tolls but now in my office I'm totally surrounded w/ peops from the Dakota/Iowa/MN area while Chica well doesn't. Also there's this really strange channel on MSP area TV which just shows various interstates/highways LIVE while playing elevator music. It's like Hey it's Hwy 100 and Benton Ave Westbound @ 9pm. Nope not too busy. Thankfully (huge sigh) etc. Plus there's like NO Preview Channel so I have absolutely idea when anything's on- not that I really have time to park in front of the TV. Yeah So bk to accting well anyway overall the peops are pretty young so that's not to bad. It's strange though watching the Senior Partner who's about 40 tops hooking up w/ one of my fellow first year girl. Anyway hydroxide we had this quiz show the last night which apparently was this big deal cuz we had to fly in four peops from AZ just to host the 2hr quiz show- so yeah my team won and we got little trophys!!!! Yeah this is like my first trophy since eighth grade. I have an accounting trophy YEAH I totally rock!!!!

Anyway the real world is an interesting adjustment. All of a sudden I have to check my office voice mail four times a day & I have to expense everything to Diner's Club & I have to think about repercussions when we get kicked out of the bar & wondering how much to put in my 401(k) & while I'm walking downtown I find myself jealous that some peops get to wear open-toed sandals to work & get used to eating out every meal etc. And yeah I actually went to bed @ 7:45pm on Monday night. Not much else to say becuz I've just become complete sadness. Plus yeah I should be getting bk to actually working since I'll be billing my client anyway

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
4:00 am
Eau Claire: We're Up to Something FUNN!! (sic)
Yes the existence of the second N there still troubles me but the sign is on both sides of Interstate94 on the way to EC so it cannot be avoided. Is it a typo that the creator was too proud to admit to or what? Hmm the mystery continues..

Anyway have been in Thunder Bay Ontario the past four days. So basically Canada {or @least where we were} is an extension of WI&MN or vice versa so yeah- but that doesn't mean I'd go strollin' around Europe w/ a Canada patch on my bkpk. {So if the absence of that patch means demonstration peops are going to steal my comb on Calle Princesa then so be it- not becuz I have overwhelming national pride but rather I would NEVER EVER claim 2b Canadian. No thanks.}
Anyway it took about six hours of driving on early Thurs morning to get there after a stop in MN to watch the da 'lympics futbol finals that were supposed to be LIVE @ 2pm Eastern. But even though we had not shifted timezones NBC did not start showing till 2pm Central and of course so NOT live becuz CNN was already posting da first half result before NBC even started. It made me angry 'pecially since NBC kept on advertising @ the bottom of the screen that the "last international gm ever for Mia and Kristine together" was going to be "LIVE @ 2Eastern." Whatever evilness.
So the rest of the great Canadian outdoors adventure went smoothly 'cept that hydroxide I had to be carried down a mountain and then later I got sick. But that was mostly due to my own stupidness of wearing these sandalish shoes for the first time the same day I climb a mountain and suggesting we sleep outside that night becuz hey it's summer and yeah I forgot this has been coldest August EVER.
The sides&bottom of my feet are still sore but I hope I'll be all good before hitting Mad on Thurs. There are still many peops I haven't seen since May and yeah I need some dumplings even if they are allegedly shades now. Also must forever preserve my O Bloom poster by laminating and framing-ish so that it won't keep on falling down on my bed...or yeah maybe never mind.

Yikes and for the record since I've been asking about a million times often by the same peops- I start work in a wk {from today Tues}!

Current Mood: sick
Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
5:00 am
I am Melody __ and I approve of this message. Paid for by Melody for Lameness, Inc.
Yikes absent due to laziness much?
Quick recap of last month: -flew bk here w/o declaring my dried snails @ U.S. customs
-went to LA and SF to continue summer long visitation of relatives
-went to Mad to move out of ol' piso
-and now moving into MPLS piso very very slowly becuz I have loads of shit I shouldn't need anymore {for example my freakin' Identity Paper from AP Psych...but it was good for a few laughs at the expense of my still pathetic self} that takes me forever to throw out.
hydroxide yeah I also took and passed da MN written test for my new MN DL since I am now a sad sad MN resident spending my days playing Duck Duck GREY DUCK. so basically then in the Heather v Julia race to obtain her DL sweepstakes it looks like I won. Yeah that's right ME. Someone owes me Qdoba!

Yes just like Jess it seems my whole TV life involves (key accompanying music) "THE GAMES OF THE XXVIII OLYMPIAD" on NBC but then again it's nice to have something real to watch @ 4:30AM central timing- Yay for noon softball gms in Athens!! Anyway let's be thankful that swimming is over becuz while I enjoy watching the sport despite my hatred of chlorine I was getting a little sick and tired of a certain someone's continual love admiration and obsession over a certain US female breaststroke gold medalist and occasional 200m IM swimmer. Well whatever it's just two wks every four years {not taking into account the winter games becuz let's face it those Games get no glory}. Yeah and another great thing about leap years are the neverending presidential campaign ads! Smart thinking Melody moving from one key election state to another. If we're still voting by the cuteness factor well even a lesser of two evils method has me undecided.

Okay bk to more important matters- now that Michael Owen has left the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for Espanya I must have a Owen #11 Real Madrid jersey. I don't care if it's bootleg somebody Please just send one to my piso in MPLS. Grac! Yeah he's dreamy.

Current Mood: okay
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
11:09 pm
Every calorie is a war
I love the way Raine sings this line and of course being where I am {=Asia} and doing what I am doing {=eating} I thought it was more than approp.

Well I thought after Thailand my travels in this hemisphere would be over but since I have one entry left to China from the Chinese VISA I had to obtain that cost me US$100 for two entries {which I guess is a bargain compared to Julia's Russian VISA policy} my aunt thought it would be best not to waste it so tomorrow we are off to Guangzhou in China.
Hey isn't HK a part of China now so if you can enter HK multiple times w/o a special visa then why would you need one for China? Yeah I've been wondering that for a while. Never mind that I wouldn't have this problem anyway if my 'rents had just secured me a HK identity card like theirs. Okay well I'm not sure if that's allowed considering I wasn't born here but hey apparently if your mother's born in Ireland then you as her child could get an Irish passport which surely helps you get employed in the EU.
Anyway since every time I leave/arrive bk in HK I have to get stamped in my USA passport not to mention the stamp I get upon arrival/departure from the other Asian country visited well my passport is now technically full. The back pages are reserved for "Amendments and Endorsements" but since the visa pgs are full I have stamps on the off-limits pgs too. {Heather- you'll be happy to know I no longer whine about pg 15 having since surpassed it.} Yeah someone told me I may have to get a new passport if my old one which doesn't expire till 29 JUL 2008 is full. I know not the validity of that claim.

So after passing through Guangzhou we'll go to Macau again {formerly a Portuguese colony it's now a SAR of China like HK is. also just as important it's considered the Las Vegas of SE Asia} before coming bk to HK on Sunday so I can fly to the States on Monday. Yup I'm leaving on Monday. All I can say is Yay!

P.S. I was totally on the ball w/ Copa America and just like I wished for at night{...} it'll be Argentina and Brazil for the title on Sunday. I think it's becuz I bought a lil Saviola figurine becuz c'mon he's a lil' cutie.

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, July 12th, 2004
8:50 pm
objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear...{no J. Edwards wasn't kidding}
Okay so my SE Asian tour is almost complete. Next up {probably the last place I'll go to before leaving HK in TWO WEEKS!!!!} is Thailand. Yes finally Thailand. My two cousins and I will leave tomorrow and be back w/ appropriate weight gain on Saturday. I'll look for Nancy's Thai CD and eat good stuff. Yeah I've decided it doesn't matter what excessive weight I gain since soon I'll be back in the U.S. where they have normal sizes and such. Therefore I've eaten like five coconut ice creams in coconut desserts in the last few days.

Euro 2004 is over and Greece a.k.a. a gambler's worse enemy defeated Portugal another Group A team in the final. There's still more futbol to watch though w/ Copa America in El Peru. You have to wake up @ 6am here to watch the games. Even though great players like Sol de my Soul {Solari} and the 4Rs of Brazil are not playing I am still rooting for Argentina etc.

P.S. I know there are other great countries in SE Asia that I am neglecting like for example The Philippines which BTW I really wanted to go to but could find no one to go w/ since I'm not allowed to visit "dangerous parts of Asia" by myself.

P.P.S. So it's Kerry-Edwards? I KNEW IT! dude it sucks to be away and not know what's going down in the U.S. and in an election year no less. whatever. anyway I'll just go back to not really caring and not getting in political debates on Clinton Bush Gore etc w/ peops who were not old enough to vote in the last election.

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
5:20 pm
pretty words could never say
So we went to this Thai restaurant coupla nights ago. Food was good of course and w/ appropriate spicyness and when the main course was over I asked for mango sticky rice. So when the wait staff was like no we don't have our number one dessert becuz "yeah we have no mangoes" I was shocked. Thai place w/ no mango sticky rice dessert- are you kidding me? This is like going to a Wendy's w/ no Frosty...McDonald's w/ no French Fries...Burger King w/o those Cini Mini's- yeah I could go on forever. Neverfreakinmind that this is HK where you can get six mangoes for US$1 @ the outdoor market on every street til like 8pm.

My younger cousins just got done w/ finals. yeah in HK skool is very difficult at all levels and June is this intense time where you spend the entire month studying for and taking finals. I watched my 8 y.o. cousin study more than I did in my entire thirteen years in the EC Area Skool District.
Well since this hell month is over we are heading to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam tomorrow. It will be my entire dad's side for four days of family fun! I've been to Vietnam before as proven by the randomly placed Vietnam stamp I have on pg 23 of my passport but it was only for a day so this should be more interesting. I have the feeling I'll be the only one wanting to site see 'pecially since Vietnam is rumored to actually be hotter than this HK inferno.
Anyway the day after we get bk I'm going to Singapore and Malaysia w/ my aunts. Therefore LJ will have to be put on hold for the next ten days unless I find some shades Internet cafe. Don't worry- upon my return I'll be sure to recap each excursion { <-- although it'll probably just be more complaints on size issues and more talk about food.}

Euro 2004- completely unpredictable and it's down to Portugal Greece CzechRepublic and Holland. Everyone here bets on what the final score'll be ~ which player will score first ~ half-time score etc. "For the love of the game" I don't place any bets which is good since I would've never picked these teams as the final four. I have no idea who'll win but I must say I'm Group A loyal so yeah.

P.S. due to my upcoming absence i guess there'll be none of the following on AIM on friday:

"ravishinggrrl" has signed on.
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit
ravishinggrrl: shit

Current Mood: lazy
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
12:34 am
hell no no how no way no way no how no way no how
well Tokyo was pleasant. it has all these rip-offs of landmarks so you don't have to travel west to see the real deal {for example: smaller Eiffel Tower ~ Statue of Liberty ~ World of Coca-Cola ~ Venezia area ~ Disney}. The trip was pretty much wake up way* early & be out the door by 8/9 and walk around all day looking at expensive things and trying on expensive things that don't fit and then eat @ these all-you-can-eat beef places before going to bed at around 1/2. I bought a digital camera w/ the money my grandma gave me after I went around HK for a wk declaring I needed to buy a camera. I met up w/ Jessa and she showed me the real hidden treasures of Tokyo {like the Condomania store} and bombarded me w/ thousands of questions and trying to get me to define things. All in all it was a good time but I was glad to leave after hearing Avril Lavigne's "Don't Tell Me" for the 30th time.

I would recap the last few days but it was nada but me eating and sleeping in excess. The b-day celebration separation drama was settled and we all went home full.
Jessa- remember how I told ya about the little girl my uncle takes care of and how if there's not enough room she doesn't eat at our table? Well there wasn't enough room in the car on the way to this seafood place so she wasn't even allowed to come.

Euro 2004- All I'm going to say is I hate David Beckham and nobody laughed louder than me when he missed his PK shot badly in the PK shootout vs. Portugal. We were up from 2:45 to 5:30 watching the game but Beckham's miss led to England losing so it was all worth it.

Current Mood: okay
Monday, June 21st, 2004
3:33 pm
Bienvenido a Vodafone Japan!
well i've been in Tokyo since Friday which means ~lame drum roll please~ YES i finally made it outside of Tokyo's Narita airport after twelve tries. I like it here 'cept that it's like the most expensive city ever. It's definitely the London of Asia...case in point- they sell average looking normal not even long-sleeved t-shirts for equivalent to fifty U.S. dollars here. ai ya! well I guess it doesn't matter what the price is anyway as I probably wouldn't fit into the XXXL they had to spend fifteen minutes finding in the back of the store since just like in HK everyone is the smallest person ever here. to make matters worse I met up w/ Jessa y-day and we've been eating ice cream so pretty soon I guess they'll have to special order clothes for me.

sad Euro 2004 update- our Spain lost 0-1 to host Portugal which means Spain didn't advance to the quarterfinals becuz they have not scored as many goals overall as Greece has even though Spain does actually tie Greece in the point standings. it's the first time Spain has lost to Portugal since 1981 but Portugal was playing in their own country and i guess their time was due. I was looking forward to Spain playing against the Group B qualifier in the quarters which probably would've been either England or France but it wasn't meant to be.
also I saw a fake Morientes Spain jersey {there was no Adidas label} for sale today in this fake Italy part {where they had a gondola in a fake Venezia bkground and w/ many Italian stores including one that sold this cool Grazie shirt that was ONLY 49 US$} of western Tokyo. the jersey was like 40 US$ otherwise I probably would've gotten it. yowsers. well Heather maybe you'll see a cheaper one in Jamaica in a few days.

anyway I'm in the computer lab in my hotel. we're staying in the CPM -stands for Crowne Plaza Metropolitan...not CPG's brother or whatever- and every guest is limited to thirty minutes of use for the so-called convenience of other hotel guests so the little counter thing is telling me my time is about to expire in five minutes. i guess I will post more on Tokyo once I return to HK tomorrow. or maybe i will pull a Jess and wait til much much later to post trip recaps...speaking of which the MPLS recap is coming soon.

one last thing becuz it wouldn't be a real LJ entry of mine if there's no mention of him- not to be outdone by HK the Japanese have their own huge poster of O Bloom that I crave. well it's somewhere in Shinjuku that there's a movie theatre that has a ginormous multi-story Trojan Horse outside and there are like fifteen feet tall posters of Troy characters surrounding the gated horse. the O Bloom one is salty I might add.
Julia- I want an actual poster of MV not a glossy photo. I've been searching for years and they don't have 'em anywhere. nope they just have those little 8 by 10s. ARG!

P.S. Just wanted to say Happy B-day {even if that means they are shady cusp peops which is just as bad as being a July Cancer male} to the five thousand peops I know whose b-day is today. and also Happy B-day to Prince William who would be the 5001st person I know whose b-day is today if actually knew Wills.

P.P.S. Yes they have Vodafone here and I'm so pathetic that I took like four pictures of the Vodafone signs around Tokyo. I miss Vodafone but alas no tengo saldo.

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
10:00 pm
"An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship." {if anyone gets that..please explain}
I went to Shenzhen w/ my dad's brother and wife today. It's on the border of HK and China so it's kinda like Tijuana w/ the little shops and everyone trying to get you to buy stuff so they can eat a few meals a day. As you can probably imagine I'm a horrible bargainer. Even though a lot of the stuff is crap that I don't necessarily need anyway- I do kinda understand the difficult place the seller is being put in to have sell at a price perhaps well below cost. eeh well my aunt has no consideration for such issues and she's the one who barters so Melody is still able to sleep at night.

Well tonight {on this DAY OF NOTHING} is the first night I won't be sleeping at my grandma's {on dad's side} becuz I'm off to my mom's sister's place since we're leaving to Tokyo on Friday. This also means I have internet access for greater than ten minutes!!! yeah it's only 42K modem but since I have all the time in the world here I guess it doesn't matter that it takes all the time in the world to load a page y'know?

Anyway the majority of both my mom's and dad's sides live in the same metro stop Mei Foo so it's convenient for me to see both on a daily basis. Even though somewhere way long ago they're related somehow {more so than the fact that my 'rents got married} there's like turmoil between 'em. Apparently it all started when i was sick and in the hospital during my first visit to HK twenty yrs ago. Well my mom's mom was sick as well so they wouldn't let her see me and when she died later I guess my mom's side was hurt. BUT the real deal-breaker happened in '94 when something scandalous happened on my dad's side that used to be considered morally/socially unacceptable. and well my mom's side refused to forgive that and even I to a huge extent sometimes can't help but hold back as well {nobody realizes this becuz they think I was "too young to understand" when it all went down...but c'mon I was twelve freakin' years old}.
So for the past ten years there's this drama and my sis and I are caught in the middle...a constant battle for our meaningless attention. For the past week they've been trying to one-up the other side on who's going to take me where or give me whatevr. arg. it's annoying. The current drama is where/when to celebrate my b-day. Now I already told 'em that it's irrelevant since I consider it in March but my efforts/explanation have been ignored. Well both groups used to get together but now it has to be separate. Y'know all that it means in the end is that there'll be a lot of food and it won't matter how full i say I am cuz they'll just feed me more. GRR! okay sorry I just needed to complain a bit in English.

UPDATE on the O Bloom ginormous poster sitch- well I found what I can only assume to be an ad and prices for the poster in a newspaper today. of course it was all in Chinese and since I cannot read nor write nor hardly speak the language {Cantonese/Mandarin} I'm not sure what it was saying exactly. maybe I should just go the address that's listed and pout. okay I'll do that.

EURO 2004 update- not really an update but I saw someone wearing a Morientes jersey in Mong Kok in HK. it was sweet. too bad dumb beckham came and Morientes had to go off to Monaco. also Spain tied Greece so they both are atop the Group A standings w/ 4pts. our gol was by Morientes. yeah even my cousins agree he's hot.

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